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From Our Valued Customers:

quoteI use Northlake because they are a straight-up, no noncence operation.  They tell it like it is.  When Debbie says an engine has 30,000 miles on it, I can tell it’s true.  And, they save me hours of work by properly detaching wiring on electrical parts.  They have the cleanest parts and the cleanest yard around.quote
Al J., Al’s Truck Parts and Service, Lansing
quoteI was looking for a replacement truck bed and found one on Northlake’s website.  I emailed my questions and Debbie responded with additional photos.  The price was fair but I wasn't ready to pick up it up.  I asked if Northlake would 'hold' the bed and Debbie was very accommodating.  When I arrived the yard crew could not have been more helpful.  Every part of the yard was neat and clean.  I look forward to having them assist me with my future needs.quote
Brownie, Ehlers Design & Construction Madison, WI
quoteWe received the Jeep part the very next day. We are very pleased with your fast, friendly, knowledgeable service. Thank you.quote
S. and B. Anderson, Chicago
quoteNorthlake is such an impressive facility – an industry leader for cleaner parts. Their advanced computer system and knowledgeable staff asks all the right questions to ensure I get the right part. Plus, they respond quicker to requests on the Parts Procurement Program to speed my repair process. Choosing Northlake for parts is more cost effective and satisfies my customers.quote
John, JDM Collision, Thornton
quoteNorthlake’s inventory is terrific. They have the widest selection and highest quality I’ve seen. One visit to their Yard convinced me – they’re a quality business. You can’t beat the help I get from their Service Rep. Great selectin, knowledgeable employees, and priced right. I’m sticking with them.quote
Jim, JC Auto Pro, Park Forest
quoteTheir parts are wonderful – always A+ condition. And, they always deliver on-time. Their Yard is clean and runs like a well-oiled machine. Their Service Consultant always finds what I need. They’re nice people to do business with.quote
Cheri, Bob’s Auto Body, Blue Island
quoteWith Northlake you know you’re getting good parts. They pull parts from only late model and low mileage cars, so the parts are always cleaner. Their Yard is unbelievable. I’ve never seen one as organized, cleaner, and well-stocked. It’s unreal.quote
Rob, Automotive RS, Steger
quoteAlways quality, clean parts. The powertrains they sell are never dirty. I can tell they’ve been inspected. Their Yard is organized and neat. Most importantly, their Service Rep is excellent in taking care of me. I’ve used them for over 20 years at 2 different shops.quote
Calvin, Hawks Collision, Posen
quoteNorthlake is the 1 st Yard I call every time. They know their parts and are truthful in describing them. They tell me how much mileage is on the motors I buy from them – it really makes a difference. Everyone I deal with is fantastic and calls right back when I need help.quote
Al’s Auto Body, Dolton
quoteParts from Northlake are always in great condition. Their Service Consultant is fantastic in working with us to find the right parts. They’re nice to do business with . . . and we have for over 15 years.quote
Katie, Bob’s Auto Body, Blue Island
quoteIt’s the quality of their parts that keeps me coming back. They’re clean and the parts are easier to install because they’ve been carefully removed. From the first time I visited their Yard, they treated me right. Everyone is nice – from the guy who pulls the parts to driver who unloads them at my shop. When an insurance adjuster hears that the parts are from Northlake, they’re quick to authorize it.quote
Frank, Autorite Auto Body, East Chicago
quoteTimely delivery is important to me and I can count on Northlake to deliver the next day. Their parts come as described and they stand behind them. Their prices are in line and I trust their word. That’s why I’ve been using them for over 20 years.quote
Kevin, Preferred Auto Body, Chicago
quoteWith all the parts I authorize, I don’t have time to worry about the quality and timely delivery. Paul sees to it that the right part is delivered to the shop the next day. Very impressivequote
Heather, Heritage Acceptance, Chicago
quoteTheir people are the difference. They work with you, tell you the truth about the condition of their parts, and they callback when they say they will. Plus, their factory OEM parts offer the exact color you’re looking for and save time and dollars in painting.quote
Chris, Allstate Auto Brokers, Chicago
quoteI’ve been buying from them since they opened -- they’re friends. And their parts are fantastic – so clean that there’s never anything to fix. We just put ‘em on and the customer drives away. Rich and Marty always treat me right. quote
Randy, SRM Engineering, Chicago
quoteThey’re great people -- there’s no other way to say it. Their description of parts is perfect. They’re very competitive on pricing. Debbie’s always helpful. They’re the only yard I deal with. If they don’t have it, I buy new. They do everything right!quote
Jimmy, B.J.’s U-Joint, Chicago
quote“I got tired of yards telling me they ‘have it’ but can’t deliver clean parts. Northlake always gives it to me straight. They run a tight-ship and are very meticulous in inventorying quality parts, priced right, and delivered the next day. They always hit it out-of-the-park for me.”quote
Brian, Budd Motors, Hammond


Parts from Northlake Auto Recyclers are clean and green. We're recognized by IDEM as a leader in contributing to the environment by effective recycling.

As a result of this unique Process, Customers can be confident they'll receive the exact part ordered, in the condition promised, when they need it, each and every time.

We proudly support our flag, the military, and American values.


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BBB Integrity Award

Northlake Auto Recyclers is recipient of the 2020 Business of Integrity Award from the Better Business Bureau Serving Northwest Indiana (BBB).   This prestigious award recognizes Northlake Auto Recyclers as a highly trustworthy member of the business community.

BBB Integrity Award

CAR Member of the Year

CAR Member of the Year
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