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Premiere Recycler in Chicagoland

Northlake was one of the first automotive recycling facilities in the state of Indiana to receive the Gold Level Certification from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s Indiana Clean Yard. Northlake has held this award for several years beginning in 2009 through 2023.

Northlake was certified as one of the Indiana Certified Automotive Recycler Exemplary Standards (INCARES) Program’s inaugural medalists and was the highest-scoring facility in Indiana annually from 2014 through 2023. Further, Northlake received the 2016 ARA Certified Automotive Recycler of the Year Award.

Northlake is also the recipient of the 2020 Business of Integrity Award from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving Northwest Indiana. This prestigious award recognizes Northlake Auto Recyclers as a highly trustworthy member of the business community.

When we say we have it – we DO!

Marty Hollingshead Becomes President of Automotive Recyclers Association

Marty Hollingshead—president/owner of Northlake Auto Recyclers in Hammond, Indiana—was welcomed as the new president of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA). Marty was formally confirmed during the Association’s 78th Annual Convention and Exposition held in Dallas, Texas. He brings decades of industry experience to the role, and has served on ARA’s Executive Committee since 2018.

“I am truly humbled and honored to assume this role,” Holllingshead shared in his first remarks as president. “We are here to represent and protect the interests and concerns of the automotive recycler. We are here for ALL automotive recyclers…from the mom and pops to the largest operators, full- and self-service. It doesn’t matter how big you are, or how big you aren’t. We are all equals in this Association. I hope when my term is done, I will be remembered for doing a good job. With the help and support of executive committee members, as well as the ARA staff, I’m confident this will be the case.”

Northlake Auto Recyclers Awarded CAR Recycler of the Year at ARA Convention


The Automotive Recyclers of Indiana are proud to announce that Marty Hollingshead accepted the Certified Automotive Recycler award at this year’s ARA Convention and Expo in Baltimore.

“A” Quality OEM Parts

Northlake offers a wide selection of new OEM surplus parts. Bumpers. Hoods.Tailgates. Grills. Headlamps, Mirrors. Fenders. Doors. More. Plus, new and reconditionedOEM Wheels. Thousands in stock.


Cleaner & Higher Quality Parts

All parts are expertly evaluated & accurately described in our comprehensive inventory for late model vehicles. Our standards of checks, testing, and double-checks ensures that there are never any misleading descriptions that require unexpected labor to adapt a part for installation.

Greater Expertise

Trained, Certified Service Technicians carefully harvest quality parts following strict procedures to minimize damage and maximize use of each part.

More Advanced Harvesting

Sophisticated green technologies and processes are applied to identify, harvest, process, and BAR code each part for inventory. We implement multiple quality control checks on each part harvested to ensure compliance with industry standards and recycle hazardous pollutants and removing mercury switches based upon strict EPA standards.

Personalized Service

Our experienced and knowledgeable Counter Advisors and Service Consultants assist in product selection by telephone and in-person. They ensure that the “right” part is clean, as-described, and delivered on-time. When we say we have it – we DO!

Trust and Testimonials

Our Customers tell us that Northlake Auto Recyclers is trusted and recommended by body shops, rebuilders, transmission shops, and collision repair locations throughout Chicagoland. On-site owner ensures strict procedures and high service levels.

Parts from Northlake Auto Recyclers are clean and green. As a result of our unique Process and commitment to Customer Service, Customers can be confident they’ll receive the exact part ordered, in the condition promised, when they need it, each and every time.

When we say we “have it” – we DO!

We proudly support our flag, the military, and American values.



NAR operates from a 81,000 square foot warehouse and indoor parts storage facility, plus 40,000 square foot covered outside parts storage, all professionally organized in a private 18.5-acre yard.

We process approximately over 1,500 vehicles annually to meet the needs of our customers. Our large inventory of quality recycled parts for late-model cars, SUVs, and light trucks includes

  • Superior quality recycled parts
  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Axles
  • Wheels
  • Collision Parts
  • Selected aftermarket and new OEM parts


Next day delivery guaranteed in Chicagoland.


On-site owner ensures strict procedures and high service levels.