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Unique NAR Quality Performance Process ™

Only Northlake Auto Recyclers applies a unique, proven QUALITY process to identify and harvest the right parts, carefully inspect and clean them, and log them into our bar coded inventory for ready-access.

9-Step NAR Quality Process

  1. Vehicle Selection. Careful and professional inspection, evaluation, and purchase of target late- model vehicles from insurance auctions. Only high-demand, popular vehicles are selected.
  2. Vehicle Check-in. Onsite inspection, engine testing, and review of serviceable parts for recycling.
  3. Evac Process. All fluids are drained in compliance with industry standards, mercury switches are removed, and hazardous pollutants are recycled based upon strict EPA standards.
  4. Dismantling. Trained, Certified Service Technicians carefully harvest quality parts following strict procedures to minimize damage and maximize use of each part.
  5. Part Evaluation. Harvested parts are cleaned, inspected, tested, and bar coded.
  6. Computer Description. Accepted/approved parts are entered into the NAR computerized inventory system with clear description of condition, mileage, etc.
  7. Inventory. Accepted/approved parts are then inventoried in specific location based upon product type and bar code. Upon placing part into inventory, it is inspected and the condition is confirmed in the computer system.
  8. Customer inquiry & sale. Knowledgeable Service Consultants assist customers who inquire about the product, providing a detailed description based upon previous inspection and testing, and quickly securing the items based upon bar code location.
  9. Shipping. Prior to shipping, each part is re-inspected and tested to confirm condition is as stated, cleaned, and loaded/packaged to eliminate any damage while in transit.


Parts from Northlake Auto Recyclers are clean and green. We're recognized by IDEM as a leader in contributing to the environment by effective recycling.

As a result of this unique Process, Customers can be confident they'll receive the exact part ordered, in the condition promised, when they need it, each and every time.

We proudly support our flag, the military, and American values.


Recognized and Affiliated!

BBB Integrity Award

Northlake Auto Recyclers is recipient of the 2020 Business of Integrity Award from the Better Business Bureau Serving Northwest Indiana (BBB).   This prestigious award recognizes Northlake Auto Recyclers as a highly trustworthy member of the business community.

BBB Integrity Award

CAR Member of the Year

CAR Member of the Year
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